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Freight Ship Logistics provides cost-effective shipment solutions to our clients all across North America. 

We have the capacity, experience and software to make sure your delivery gets there on time. 

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Partnerships with more than 120+ carriers spanning across all of North America.

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The highest levels of customer service and personalized shipments in the industry.

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The lowest prices with the fastest service ensures you get the best deal... faster.

We Take The Pain Out Of Shipping Your Freight

Why Choose Freight Ship Logistics?

We know you have many choices for your shipments. Freight Ship Logistics believes you deserve a freight shipping company that will customize your shipping experience to fit your exact needs. That's why we offer not only competitive prices and fast shipping times, but also the highest level of customer service.

It's all too easy to find freight shippers that are little more than software companies scheduling pickups and deliveries. Freight Ship Logistics knows your shipments are your business. If anything goes wrong, it's not just a missed delivery - your business could be on the line. And that means the livelihood of your employees and their families.

We go the extra mile. Our goal is to take away the pain of shipping and make things as easy for you as possible. So easy, in fact, that you'll come back again and again.

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We Specialize In:

- Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipments

 - Full Truckload (TL or FTL) Shipments

 - Time Critical Shipments

 - Expedited Services

- Trade Show Shipping

 - State-of-the-Art TMS

 - Accurate Freight Tracking

 - Saving You Time, Money and Stress

Lowest Rates. Highest Service. Nationwide.