Nobody Beats Our Customer Service

For more than 20 years, Freight Ship Logistics has been working with businesses to help reduce their time and money spent when shipping or receiving freight.

How do we do it?

We focus on our customers.

Yes, we have one of the widest network of carriers we contract with to get you the lowest prices.

Yes, we offer superior technology to get your shipments to their destination.

But our focus from day one has been providing our customers with a superior level of customer service. For more than twenty years we've been impressing people with our level of service and our low prices.

And for more than twenty years businesses have been coming back to us again and again.

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Freight Ship Logistics provides cost-effective shipment solutions to our clients all across North America. We have the capacity, software and experience to make sure your delivery gets there on time.
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Widest Network

Partnerships with more than 120+ carriers spanning across all of North America.

Best Customer Service

The highest levels of customer service and personalized shipments in the industry.

Lowest Prices

The lowest prices with the fastest service ensures you get the best deal... faster.

Lowest Rates. Highest Service. Nationwide.