State-of-the-Art Transportation Management Systems

For more than 20 years, Freight Ship Logistics has been working with businesses to help reduce their time and money spent when shipping or receiving freight.

How do we do it?


FSL offers our customers a state of the art transportation management system (TMS) for their LTL shipments.

Whether you are a large shipper shipping more than 50 shipments per week or a smaller outfit shipping less than 10 shipments per week, our TMS helps your company process shipments, find the best rates and transit time for each shipment as well as offering tracking at a glance and many more time and money saving features.

We also have the ability to customize a system designed for your company’s needs including interfacing our TMS with your company’s order-generating software that will automatically produce shipping documents and electronically schedule pick-up for your outbound orders.

Please give us a call so one of our representatives can discuss with you in more detail how our technology can streamline your shipping processes. 

  • Rates and Transit Time Optimization – Our software searches the contracts of most national carriers for the best price, or the fastest transit time, for each shipment.
  • Multiple Locations – Shipping from the same platform allows management an overview to insure your orders are moving on time and at what cost.
  • Consolidated Billing – Receiving only one invoice per billing period for all your shipments drastically reduces the number of hours need to reconcile your freight bills.
  • Tracking – “At a glance” tracking reports for all your shipments for the time frame you select.
  • Customizable Programs – No matter what your needs, we can customize the program to fit your unique situation.

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Freight Ship Logistics provides cost-effective shipment solutions to our clients all across North America. We have the capacity, software and experience to make sure your delivery gets there on time.
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